So You’ve Landed Here, Somehow

So You’ve Landed Here, Somehow

Hello World, yet again. How’d we get here?

Me: “You should host a gaming blog.”

(an hour later) Him: “Do I need to put any processing power into the previously made statements about tables and/or blogging?” You’ll hear more on that table later.

Me: “A ‘nope, too busy/not interested’ would work or a ‘let’s talk about that’ or some such.”

Him: “Let’s talk about that, in like, an hour.” Yes, another hour.

Him:  “What, other than your motivations to get to show off your amazingly painted minis, sparked this idea?” Yeah, he said that, because he’s nice to me. Mostly. You’ll hear more on those minis later.

Me: “I don’t know. I guess, we were kind of talking about recording Kingmaker and I do want to track my minis– not to show them off, but because there’s no tutorials on painting all of Rum & Bones and this way I could at least shoot them step by step with a list of paints and techniques. And maybe you’d like to do something like that blog you’re reading, summarize your thoughts on stuff as we play it.”

Him: “I would totally put my own board game reviews up on the blog, too.”

Me: “And if we have ic summaries for any future rpgs, this would be a real place to put them.”

So here we are, writing for us and seeing if you want to stick around and read it.


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