Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Sessions One and Two

The big day was upon them!  The party awoke with fresh minds and bodies, and busied themselves with activities until it was time for their fundraising gala and ceremony.  Lord Mayor Ioseph Sellemius hosted the event, where the party was given front row seats for the presentation of rewards and settlement charters to themselves and two other groups, who had been given similar charters to explore various other sections of the Stolen Lands:  Hannis Drelev, in charge of exploring the Hooktongue Slough; and Maegar Varn, tasked with exploring the Nomen Heights.  Once the presentation of settlement charters was complete, the assembly broke for a feast, before it was time for the more serious matters of statecraft were attended to.

Having had extra time to prepare for this session (yay holiday breaks!), I was ready to go for the party to examine their options for funding their kingdom.  Without further delay they poured over the list of present interest groups and their contacts which was provided by the mayor, and began to talk to several of them.  One thing that quickly caught the eye of Elysia the Half-Elven Ranger was the name of Makos Surtova, a former member of the White Wolves monster hunting guild (a guild which Elysia herself had been a part of until its violent dissolution several years prior when House Rogarvia disappeared off the face of the map).  Makos Surtova’s name was on the list as the contact for the interest group of the White Wolves– again coming as a surprise, as last Elysia or anyone had heard, the group did not exist.

Having her interest piqued, Elysia sauntered over to speak to Makos, who greeted her formally and pitched her offer for their burgeoning kingdom.  After listening politely, the Ranger exchanged contact details with Makos, suggesting that perhaps later they would meet to talk.

Gavriil the Human Arcanist was eager to talk to the representative from the church of Desna, while Noruas the Human Gunslinger wished to speak to the church of Brigh to hear their offer.  After several of the other interest groups were spoken to, Eneko the Human Bard/Cavalier championed opening talks with the various Rostlandic houses.  Between the past experiences of Eneko and Elysia, neither of them were entirely hot on accepting any offer made by the Surtovans.  The rest of the party was just fine with rejecting those proposals, and as Gavriil mentioned, “They just want to make us into their vassals.”

However, House Surtova was not the most confrontational dealing that the party encountered that afternoon– as House Orlovsky presented a new and different issue.  Gavriil, while going by his mother’s last name, was in fact a bastard child of a lord in the House Orlovsky– his features were recognizable enough however to show a clear relation between himself and his father.  House Orlovsky was being represented at the fundraiser by Gavriil’s uncle, Lord Rodderick Orlovsky, and he took particular exception to seeing Gavriil at the gala, a living embarrassment to his own brother.  Drawing the Arcanist aside, he made several dark warnings and threats as to the kinds of relations house Orlovsky would have with the new kingdom if Gavriil were to have a public seat in its leadership.  The ensuing talks with Eneko about offers were brief and, the Bard couldn’t shake the feeling that Rodderick could have offered them much more but wasn’t….

As the gala wound down, the party retired to their quarters to discuss their investment opportunities, knowing that they had about two days to nail down who they wanted to ally with before their respective representatives left the area.  After much talk, they decided upon twelve of the available offers, which was able to net them something in the area of 125BP to start with.  The next day found them interviewing multiple candidates to fill in the leadership roles in their kingdom not yet filled, taking some serious time to consider those that were being proposed by some of their investors.  When all was said and done, all of the roles but one were filled, which Gavriil was hoping to ask Chief Sootscale to fill when they returned to the Stolen Lands.  For the journey back, it was planned to explore the hexes along the Shrike River, in order to open the waterway as a possible trade route to Restov to help them fulfill an agreement with one of the noble houses.

And so it is my pleasure to present to you the leadership of the newest Neutral Good kingdom in Golarion, Tolemac:

Ruler:  Eneko Aivragor the Bard

Councilor:  Eleo Masim, Hafling Druid of the Green Faith

General:  Davik Azazeal, Human Inquisitor of Brigh

Grand Diplomat:  Gavriil Ionescu the Arcanist

High Priest:  Belis Sellal, Half-Elven Adept of Nethys

Magister:  Arcanus Taklo, Elven Wizard of the Amulets Seven

Marshall:  Elysia the Ranger

Royal Enforcer:  Currently vacant, but hoped to be Chief Sootscale, Kobold Rogue

Spymaster:  Noruas the Gunslinger

Treasurer:  Maia Prang, Half-Elven Expert of the Scarlet Synergy

Warden:  Jamandi Aldori, Human Swashbuckler of the Aldori School of Swordfighting







An interesting set of two sessions– due to the holidays, two sessions were missed, but I managed to organize a make-up session for everyone to keep things rolling.  Our latest two sessions involved the heavy number crunching and decisions needed to be made in order to set up the PC’s kingdom.  We got through roleplaying the investment offers completely in the first of two sessions, but the players were not wholly convinced of which offers to accept.  After some time to think on things, they finalized their decisions at the beginning of the second of two sessions, before moving on to interview candidates for leadership roles.  Due to the offers which they accepted, and their want to maximize their BP gain, they interviewed several of their interest group’s people first before moving on to other candidates.

Similarly to how I’ve read others have done this, each of the leadership positions had three candidates to choose from, each of which would provide a bonus to their leadership stat from +1 to +3.  Supplementing these, I had also created two candidates for each interest group who wished to have the party appoint one of their own in a leadership role, and these were the ones who got the majority of the interviews.

While discussing which offers to take, several times the party looked at the offer, and how many BP were being provided, and believed the requirements were just a *little* too stringent.  In these cases, they asked if they’d be able to bargain with the interest groups– and so with successful Diplomacy checks, House Lodovka no longer required the group to build a Dance Hall, and the merchant’s guild assented to the possibility of no more than two months of raised taxes, provided that one of their guild associates be in charge of the Treasury with no extra BP being given for the position.

At this point, the party has garnered a total of 131 BP to begin their kingdom with– which does certainly seem like a lot, but the responsibilities that they have taken on are rather stupendous as well.  As an interesting note, the kingdom’s new General, Davik Azazeal, was one of Brigh’s candidates for High Priest.  Unfortunately they needed to fill the High Priest position with one of Nethys’ lackies, but liked Davik so much that they offered him, separately, the role of General in their kingdom, thereby losing the extra BP that Brigh would have provided them, but gaining someone they liked in a leadership role!

At the end of the second of two sessions, the party had decided that they wished to explore down the Shrike River to clear a proper trade route for when they built themselves a pier and wanted to trade with Restov.  Little do they know right now that traversing this route will be quite difficult for traders due to the double set of waterfalls; the book describes the East Sellen river in the Hooktongue Slough as a much easier traversed waterway for traders, however the PC’s clearly don’t have access to it yet.  I was forced to call the session a bit short, as I had not yet taken a look at the random encounters or named encounters in that area of the Nomen Heights (though thankfully, I *did* have a hex map on Roll20 that encompassed the entirety of the Stolen Lands).  We did manage to fill a bit of time by filling in some of the Kingdom sheet, for which I am using an online spreadsheet which I found in the Kingmaker forums.

Thus we have a few preliminary Kingdom stats to look at.  After setting their various Edicts for the kingdom, Eneko decided where to start putting his Charisma bonus (in Loyalty), and due to Noruas’s absence during the second of two sessions, they voted for the time being to place her +5 Dexterity bonus into Economy for the first month that the kingdom would be up and running, though subject to change of course if the player objected when she comes back next session.  So, here are the kingdom stats we have thus far for Tolemac, and its capital city that will soon be called Elbat Dnuor:

Size:  1                               Cities:  1                               Control DC:  22

Loyalty:  13                       Stability:  16                        Economy:  15

Unrest:  0                           BP:  131                                Consumption:  4

Link to the full offers I wrote up, including visible and invisible bonuses/penalties to the party’s kingdom if they are accepted

Link to the list of party accepted offers, edited by the party themselves


4 thoughts on “Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Sessions One and Two

  1. Camelot spelled backwards, hilarious! Thanks for sharing/posting the offers, that is awesome. Great write up.

    Also, I’m very surprised that none of the NPCs in SL made into the leadership roles. But I suppose none of them had any BP to offer to the players, hence being passed over.


    1. Yeah, very recently I learned that the person playing Noruas named her character so, because it was Sauron spelled backwards…now, they have decided upon a naming convention for all of their cities; backwards Camelot for the kingdom, and Round Table backwards for the capital…this may never end!

      As for the NPC’s in the Stolen Lands, they did talk about asking Oleg and Svetlana to fill in some positions, but like you said, they seemed more interested in gaining the BP from political positions than friends. However, when Royal Enforcer wasn’t filled and no one was giving them stuff for it, Gavriil suggested Chief Sootscale. He’ll be accepting the offer that they make him, because the image of a Kobold enforcer for the kingdom is awesome 😛
      On another note, I’m reasonably certain that, upon realizing that marrying off the Ruler the kingdom could get double benefits, Gavriil’s player will be making it her personal mission to marry Eneko off!


    1. The church offers that I made them were based upon a few things– the three major churches in Rostland, plus Erastil; I liked your offer from The Green Faith, and so they were added. The offers from the church of Nethys, Desna, and Brigh came from player preference– specifically, when my players got word that they’d be receiving offers from various interest groups and churches, they asked for representatives of these faiths to be present, and took IC actions to ensure that they knew of the gala and would attend.


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