Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red, Session Five

Having previously decided the fate of their wayward assassin Larban, the next morning saw the kingdom’s leadership gathering out behind the Silver Knight Inn to carry through Larban’s sentence.  A small crowd was milling about to see what was going on, and could see Elysia, the Half-Elf Ranger, sharpening her axe.  She wasted no time in her duties, having requested to be the one to carry out the execution herself.  The axe flew up….and came back down, chopping Larban’s head off.  The crowd, though perhaps not expecting the decapitation, were nonplussed.

Following the execution, Gavriil the Human Arcanist and Noruas the Human Gunslinger began discussing how they would store the body for the moment, so that they might be able to utilize it when they were able to start their criminal zombie army.  Elysia, overhearing this, and having already had a discussion about her unease at the idea with General Davik Azazeal, Councilor Eleo Masim, and Chief Sootscale, quickly moved over to the body and dropped a flask of Alchemist’s Fire onto it, cremating the man and removing the possibility of raising him as a zombie in the future.

The rest of the month was spent keeping busy.  Noruas, as the kingdom’s Spymaster, received a report from one of her contacts of the results of their investigation into Larban and the man that she had shot:

“A report upon the body of the man paid to assassinate the Baron (Eneko, the Human Bard/Cavalier):  

Our investigation has concluded.  The man who met an untimely demise to your firearm was known as Phineas Pharell.  Pharell was a reasonably well-known farmer living just outside the city.  Though he had no family, he was owner of a large farm which was worked by many other residents of the town.  Sources indicate that he was dissatisfied with his projected profit margins in the last month however; his business was getting cut into by those operating the fisheries that the kingdom set up, who were able to more quickly turn a profit than the various farmers.  It is speculated that this dissatisfaction with his situation was what drove him to such extreme action, though it is currently unknown where a mere farmer obtained such a large purse of coin.  Further analysis of the situation is beyond my current sphere of influence.”

With this in mind, Noruas and Elysia set out to question several parties about Phineas Pharell and Larban Steelfire.  Pharell was a well-known farm owner, and thus several of his farmhands, of which Larban was not one, were talked to.  Nothing that they were able to ascertain from this investigation was able to help them explain how Phineas had obtained a large sack of coins, nor how he was connected with Steelfire.  Unfortunate, yet Noruas’s solution was to send out feelers back into Rostland, where Pharell had previously resided.  To be specific, she sent along the two guards who had stood outside Roshol Steelfire’s house when she was murdered, much to their protest.

Eleo, the kingdom’s Councilor, spent the rest of the month very busy, and so was able to come to the next month’s council meeting with a stack of paperwork nearly a foot tall with preparations!  Having most of the work already laid down for a legal system and code of laws, Eleo had only a few minor points to bring up for discussion, for the leaders of Tolemac to make the final decisions on.

Ultimately, after much discussion among all, here are the things which the party decided upon:

The kingdom will uphold the citizen’s rights to free speech– however, the citizens will also be reminded that matters of personal honor are legally allowed to be settled by duels.

Citizens have the right to carry their weapons with them throughout the city.  This one was met with some stiff resistance from Swordlady Jamandi Aldori, the kingdom’s Warden and thus the one in charge of the city guard.  At first the party agreed to ‘peace-lock’ citizen’s weapons while in public, but after some arguments over public use of magic, this was rescinded in favor of an increased guard presence.  This leads us into their next topic….

Magic!  In time, the training and use of magic will be handled by an academy led by representatives of The Amulet’s Seven.  Until that happened, however, they wished for criminal magic users to be dealt with by magically-trained members of the city guard– again, provided by members of The Amulet’s Seven.

It was made apparent that the majority of the members of the council wished for the kingdom to be an ‘equal opportunity employer’– that they would not discriminate against various racial groups.

The courts have the legal authority to use magical divinations in order to discern the truth, or force witnesses to speak only truths.

Citizens are protected under the law, with the assumption that they are innocent until proven guilty.

Finally, penalties were established for breaking laws:  Murder would be met with a harsh ‘sliding scale death penaly’; killing in self-defense would be met with no consequences; the penalty for stealing would be to pay back to the person twice the value of the stolen object, and if it were not affordable, the offender would be placed into indentured servitude to the kingdom until his debt was paid off; finally, the penalty for using mind-altering magic to make another commit a crime would result in a more severe punishment than what would normally have been meted out for committing the crime yourself, while the subject physically compelled to commit the crime would not be held liable.

With these new laws and regulations established, the players went through a few kingdom turns before the end of the session, dealing with one beneficial kingdom event (a wealthy merchant wanted to build his personal villa in their city….right next to the other two they had constructed!) during the time-frame.

Tolemac, month seven:

Size:  7                                  Cities:  1                           Control DC:  28

Loyalty:  22                         Stability:  23                    Economy:  26

Unrest:  0                            BP:  39                                Consumption:  0 (-1)




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