Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red Session Seven

Their friend having just been slain by the last remaining troll, the party was spurred into greater action!  Eneko the Human Bard/Cavalier tossed a flask of acid onto the troll, while Noruas the Human Gunslinger unloaded her own double-barrels into the monster’s hide, felling the creature, and ending the threat.  Immediately, Elysia the Half-Elf Ranger grabbed up the body of her friend Gavriil, the Human Arcanist, jumped upon her horse, and began to gallop away towards the edge of the forest!  Noruas and Eneko rushed after the pair, stopping briefly to ensure that the travelers who were under attack were taken care of, and then again when they met up with Elysia at the edge of the forest, to inform the remnants of the border patrol present that they would be riding to Restov for some ‘healing magic.’  Noruas also made certain that Gavriil’s body was propped up on the horse he was ‘riding’ with sticks and packs, to give the illusion of life– or at least, to not give the impression of death.

From there, the party rode hard into Restov, managing to make it in just four days.  The day they arrived, the group checked in with the local temple of Gorum, to find if there was a Cleric there who was experienced enough to cast Raise Dead upon their Grand Diplomat.  Fortunately, the leader of the temple was of high enough level, and requested that they return the next morning with the required funds, at which time he would have prayed to Gorum to grant him the required spells to bring back Gavriil and Restore him to life.  Receiving the grand total bill, the group frowned– they would have to scrounge their pockets for the needed money.  Several of Gavriil’s magical scrolls, potions, and items were sold to help cover the cost, as well as the vast majority of Elysia’s personal wealth, which contributed to more than half of the just over 8,000gp bill.  Eneko and Noruas’s purses contributed the leftover amounts, and they were ready!

The next morning, with their pockets laden with gold, the party arrived at the temple of Gorum, meeting with the high cleric and producing the body of Gavriil, who by now, without Gentle Repose being cast upon him, smelled quite a bit.  Thankfully nothing went wrong with the castings, and mere moments later, Gavriil stood, whole and hearty, back from the dead!  After some heartfelt greetings, the group hopped back onto their horses and made their way back to Elbat Dnuor– for if they did not make haste, they would miss out on performing their monthly duties for the kingdom!  With luck, they made it back just in time, and spent the next week ensuring that things ran smoothly for their land.

At the end of their week of work, during the council meeting, two heartfelt young entrepreneurs were presented to the leadership by Maia Prang, Tolemac’s Treasurer.  Loy Rezbin and his wife, Latricia, came before the group to inform them that they were founding a new village a few miles from the kingdom’s borders, at a spot where a natural ford occurred across the Skunk river– Tatzlford, they would call it, after the creatures they had to slay in order to ensure the safety of the area.  The Halflings were requesting any kind of financial aid that the kingdom might be able to provide them– in return, should they remain prosperous after a period of around two years, they would be highly amicable to being folded into the kingdom of Tolemac– provided that Loy would be able to remain mayor, of course.  After some discussion, slightly different terms were made– the kingdom would provide three BP worth of resources for the new village, but would carefully monitor its expansion, ensuring that no great military force would be raised, and that the town stay far away from the boggard lair several miles to its north.

During that month, the party constructed a wall along Elbat Dnuor’s northern border, to help ensure its defense.  Additionally, the Baron’s Stability check helped to reduce unrest further, and finally Chief Sootscale was seen by many citizens telling the tales of the executed trolls– how their leaders had slain a pack of seven of them, fighting valiantly tooth and claw!  With the Royal Enforcer’s successful Loyalty check, the kingdom’s Unrest was once again reset down to zero, removing the worst of the penalties.  This did have the effect of pushing the kingdom back a month in terms of planned development, unfortunately.  The next month the Monument to Brigh was constructed next to his shrine, and the month after that came a Caster’s Tower, for Arkanus Taklo’s residence.  The expense incurred in constructing the tower proved great enough that the Guildhall, promised to the White Wolves, had to be delayed by a month– Gavriil stated that it would be up to Elysia to tell them that they’d be a month late on providing that service to them.

When the session closed, we had made it to month twelve– a full year since the founding of Elbat Dnuor and the beginning of the kingdom of Tolemac!  Let’s take a look at how it’s faring thus far:


Tolemac, month twelve:

Size:  12                                         Cities:  1                                      Control DC:  33

Loyalty:  31                                  Stability:  27                               Economy:  33

Unrest:  0                                     BP:  39                                           Consumption:  0 (-1)

Holidays:  12 per year               Promotion:  Aggressive           Taxation:  None


Elbat Dnuor month twelve

Tolemac 12 months.png


2 thoughts on “Kingmaker: Rivers Run Red Session Seven

    1. Indeed the two negative levels were balanced out with dual castings of Restoration– the material components alone cost them 7,000 gold for all three spells. Sarah, Gavriil’s player, was not so hot on no longer being able to cast second level spells 😛


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