We currently reside in South Carolina. We were introduced to role-playing games by a friend online, who taught us and some other friends how to play a modified third edition D&D over IRC.

Matthew: From there, I found Pathfinder, which, slightly modified to my tastes, has remained my favorite system.  Besides GMing a long-running Pathfinder campaign, I’ve played several one-shots in a multitude of systems, and briefly ran a campaign using the Star Wars Saga Edition rules.  The majority of my gamemastering experience comes from online play; originally over IRC and then on Roll20.  My other hobbies, which might just pop up on here every now and then, include board games and video games.

Sarah: I don’t have a favorite system. I’m an experience junkie when it comes to games and I like to try them all. If I have a preference for running, it’s for player-facing systems heavy on the narrative. I’ve run GURPS, Numenera, 13th Age and PFS, a bit of D&D 5e, FATE, Gumshoe and one-shots with indie rule sets.

I’m learning to paint minis and I’m growing a board game collection.