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Where Good Intentions Dissolve into a Puddle of Panic


Here. With Star Vampires. That took days to get . . . sort of mostly kind of okay. From this point, I stopped keeping track of colors, stopped shooting in progress work, and just tried to get done.

This project took . . . so . . . long.

And here’s the done deal.


Just the monsters:


Just the heroes:


Lloigor . . . my nemesis:


And another shot of the star vampires:



Painting Mansions of Madness: Streets of Arkham, Diana Stanley

Pure Black 09037 for the cloak and shoes, a mix of Pure Black and Dragon Red 09401 for her dress. I used Harvest Brown 09200 on her hair and the knife handle, Linen White 09061 on the candle, skin of Fair Skin 09047.

I fussed over her dress and ended up using Dragon Red because I thought it tied the mini in nicely with what’s been done so far and because I felt Diana’s taste would run dark, reformed or no.

I used Reikland Fleshshadeon her skin, her hair, the candle and knife hilt.img_20180612_131742


More layers. Grey Liner 09065 highlights on the cloak, the blade is 09053 Honed Steel and the flame Clear Yellow 09095. I opened Casandora Yellow shade for the flame and used Nuln Oil everywhere but her skin and hair– even the candle.

Slightly better shot of her dress and I hit the handle with Dragon Bronze because it was so close to her hair.


The concept art colors aren’t super clear in the lighting depicted. I wish I’d gotten the candle a bit more orange but it’s not terrible.


I’m nearly halfway through this project and still not 100% sure that the techniques I’m using– all the layering and minimal highlighting– are working.

Also still not 100% sure about not doing the eyes.



Painting Mansions of Madness: Streets of Arkham, The Skeletons

After zenithal priming and highlighting I started with thin coats of 09271 Dirty Bone and thinned 09037 Pure Black. My initial idea was the give them grey overcoats, darker vests and pants and black shoes.img_20180608_211514

I darkened the bone with Agrax Earthshade– a bit too dark:/


I lightened it with a dry brush of more Dirty Bone, but things were getting a bit too monochromatic as I layered and the dark. I tried a crimson shade on the vest and liked it.


I still had some 09401 Dragon Red on my palette from the gunmen, so I used that on the jacket and 09061 Linen White on the shirt and cravat. The cravat was sooooo small that I decided not to try to pick it out with color. I also shaded the bones again– Seraphim Sepia this time.img_20180611_200939

After more thin layers and using crimson and black shades on the jacket I picked out watch chain and buttons in 09449 Dragon Bronze and hit the eye sockets with 09078 Surf Aqua.


Then I remembered that I share the concept art too– see how well it matches?


Painting Mansions of Madness: Streets of Arkham, The Hired Guns


Concept art and unmatched figure. The figure has been zenithal primed. The idea is that if the sun were at its zenith the brightest highlights will be on top and the deepest shadows underneath.


I used Army Painter primers and invested in an airbrush which hasn’t come in yet.


Reaper’s Bright Skin 09233 on the face and hands and Pure Black 09037 on the shoes. Took several coats of the Bright Skin– but I thin mercilessly.


See how thin those coats are? Woodland Brown 09162 for the trenchcoat, vest, hat and tie. Oiled Leather 09110 for the pants. Later I decide that the hat and tie should match the pants instead of the coat and vest. I also tried this on the belt but ended up painting the belt black.


Things begin to come together a bit here. I tried Dragon Red 09401 for the underside of the tie and it looked off, so I ended up reddening the entire tie a bit with it. Citadel shades, Agrax Earthshade for the darker browns and Seraphin Sepia for the lighter browns. Until now I’ve just avoided his shirt collar. No shot, but I did some bright skin highlights as well.


Finishing touch time– Linen White 09061 for the collar and Blackened Steel 09205 for the belt buckle, metal bits on the trench coat and the guns. I also used Nuln Oil in here someplace for the guns and shoes. Several coats of Reikland Fleshshade for the flesh– to tone down those highlights.

I used the red in the tie in the hatband as well– it’s half brown anyway. They need their final clearcoat and maybe some eyes– just not sure about that.

Bad lighting alert, but I’m pretty pleased with the outcome.