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Painting Mansions of Madness: Streets of Arkham, Diana Stanley

Pure Black 09037 for the cloak and shoes, a mix of Pure Black and Dragon Red 09401 for her dress. I used Harvest Brown 09200 on her hair and the knife handle, Linen White 09061 on the candle, skin of Fair Skin 09047.

I fussed over her dress and ended up using Dragon Red because I thought it tied the mini in nicely with what’s been done so far and because I felt Diana’s taste would run dark, reformed or no.

I used Reikland Fleshshadeon her skin, her hair, the candle and knife hilt.img_20180612_131742


More layers. Grey Liner 09065 highlights on the cloak, the blade is 09053 Honed Steel and the flame Clear Yellow 09095. I opened Casandora Yellow shade for the flame and used Nuln Oil everywhere but her skin and hair– even the candle.

Slightly better shot of her dress and I hit the handle with Dragon Bronze because it was so close to her hair.


The concept art colors aren’t super clear in the lighting depicted. I wish I’d gotten the candle a bit more orange but it’s not terrible.


I’m nearly halfway through this project and still not 100% sure that the techniques I’m using– all the layering and minimal highlighting– are working.

Also still not 100% sure about not doing the eyes.




Painting Mansions of Madness: Streets of Arkham, The Skeletons

After zenithal priming and highlighting I started with thin coats of 09271 Dirty Bone and thinned 09037 Pure Black. My initial idea was the give them grey overcoats, darker vests and pants and black shoes.img_20180608_211514

I darkened the bone with Agrax Earthshade– a bit too dark:/


I lightened it with a dry brush of more Dirty Bone, but things were getting a bit too monochromatic as I layered and the dark. I tried a crimson shade on the vest and liked it.


I still had some 09401 Dragon Red on my palette from the gunmen, so I used that on the jacket and 09061 Linen White on the shirt and cravat. The cravat was sooooo small that I decided not to try to pick it out with color. I also shaded the bones again– Seraphim Sepia this time.img_20180611_200939

After more thin layers and using crimson and black shades on the jacket I picked out watch chain and buttons in 09449 Dragon Bronze and hit the eye sockets with 09078 Surf Aqua.


Then I remembered that I share the concept art too– see how well it matches?


Painting Rum & Bones– Wellsport Brotherhood Bosun

First things, first I tracked down some reference material! This is from the Rum & Bones rule book.welsportbosun.png

Then I went shopping, of course! Miniature Market has great prices on Reaper paint. And I started off with the Reaper Learn to Paint Bones kit so I’m using Reaper paint.

Moving on! I didn’t get earlier pictures. Rookie mistakes.


I primed them in black and then went from up top for a direct white to catch highlights. Then I noticed that my earlier efforts to trim flashing were garbage. More rookie mistakes. Though that one, I’m still figuring out. There’s got to be ways to do it, right? I haven’t figured them out yet.

Then where to start? I decided that the flesh after the belt would be easier not to goof up on than the belt after the flesh, so I randomly started there.

I started with thinned Ebony Flesh, moved up to very thinned Dark Highlights and dry brushed a bit of Leather Brown. When I came back later to take photos, there was no Leather Brown on my wet palette so I briefly forgot that I used it. I don’t put paints I’m dry brushing with on my wet palette. Clever me.

A note on thin paints. As I understand it, the idea is that the colors beneath can inform the final color if your paints are thin enough. Also, that detail isn’t lost. Reaper paints are already thin. Putting them on a wet palette thins them more. And I still started with a 3 paint to 1 water ratio.

Then I realized, looking at the reference picture, that his rag boots were maybe leather too and I decided to make them match the belt. Likewise the wrapping on his left arm, which kind of looks like a bandage. BigChildCreativesversion has turned that wrapping into leather as well. So I sort of felt justified. I’m kind of paranoid about getting too many clashing colors on the mini, so I was going to do either boots that matched his bandage or bandage and boots that matched his belt. I opted for as few colors as possible, went back and did the same thing to those portions as I did the belt, being much less aggressive with the lighter Leather Brown on his boots.

Then I had a choice. I could finish the leather up, or proceed with the rest of the mini, leaving the details of everything for last. I’m still not super neat, witness the fact that the whole thing is brown when I was trying to dry brush the belt. So, I went for base coating the rest of him.

Skin still scares me. Looking at the picture, the pants caught me. Such a color. So I pulled up Reaper’s paint match page and went to work. Then I realized that in the art I’m referencing, his paints, belt and anchor are all shadowed the same color. Fine . . . I’ll play. I based them all with Dark Elf Skin. I’ve no clue if this will work right or not.

His pants will be moving through grey to Ghoul Skin, which is a kind of grey green. Belt will be blue and I’ve not mentally tackled the anchor yet, but metallic. We’ll see if basing them all the same shoots me in the foot as I struggle to right the colors, or if it keeps things on an even keel colorwise and turns out as great as it looks in the original art.

Then I based his skin in Dark Highlights, careful not to paint his eyes.


At this point, thin paint or not, I feel like I’ve lost so much of the highlight detail that the white paint gave me. Maybe the paint wasn’t thin enough. Maybe I started too dark. Maybe I’m needlessly worried and it’s gonna be fine!